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Find the perfect self-watering planter for your home. Our Danish design, hardwood, self-watering planters are a piece of beautiful plant furniture. Timeless, elegant, and sustainable.

GrowWIDE Dark Oak

1.399,00 kr

GrowON Dark Oak + StandON

949,00 kr

Balcony Small Design Set

1.699,00 kr

GrowWIDE Dark Oak + StandWIDE

1.489,00 kr

Gift Set: 2x GrowON + 2x StandON

1.449,00 kr1.598,00 kr

GrowON Natural Ash

749,00 kr

GrowWIDE Dark Oak + StandWIDE Black Ash

1.499,00 kr

GrowWIDE Natural Ash + StandWIDE

1.489,00 kr

Wall Design Set

1.299,00 kr