Your greenery will thrive and bloom with minimal effort

Squarely contains a hidden self-watering system. Using two capilarity mats, the soil naturally gets continually hydrated at the same humidity level so that your plants always stay perfectly hydrated. You only need to water 1-3 times a month, allowing you to go on with your busy lifestyle and still enjoy healthy plants in a dry summer.

Step 1:

Pot the plant directly in the upper container on the capillary mat. Water the plant from the top the first time.

Step 2:

Fill the bottom container with water. The capillary mats will absorb the water from the bottom container and regulate the watering of the plant based on the humidity in the soil.

Step 3:

Refill the bottom container when it gets empty every couple of weeks. If the soil gets slightly dry on top, that is completely fine.

The smart self-watering system
is designed by architects

You will experience better plant growth and no spilled water with the self-regulating water system


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Squarely is ideal for all kinds of plants: you can grow your fruits, your spices or decorative plants without having to monitor them.

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