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Contribute to conscience sourcing

SQUARELY was designed from start to finish to be respectful of the environment and have the most minimal impact on our planet. We want you to have a piece of nature in your home to improve your surroundings and inspire others to take on this mindset.Let's take a look at how your future SQUARELY will come to life.

Up-Cycled Plastic

When you buy SQUARELY products, you contribute to a cleaner environment. You re-use plastic, save wood, and add more plants to your environment. We collect our plastic boxes from restaurants where they were destined to be thrown away and we design your SQUARELY around them to give them a new life and help reduce our plastic waste.

Social Purpose

Jobs for socially vulnerable people in Copenhagen We give jobs to those who have it difficult in society. They help us to re-use plastics: clean and adjust for the products use. They assemble the SQUARELY planters.

Local Surplus Wood

SQUARELY designed the products to use excess high-quality wood from other productions. Our wood is a sustainable surplus wood that we source locally. It is treated with pigmented and chemical-free oil, all to make your SQUARELY as durable as possible so it never needs to be replaced.



Improve your air quality

Once SQUARELY is in your space, it will improve your own environment: its benefits go far beyond the aesthetics. Having plants in your apartment helps balance the humidity levels and airborne dust levels as well reducing the presence of different kinds of pollutants. Interior plants play a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment in which to move, work or relax.


Sustainable development goals

SQUARELY is determined to follow the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by UN. SDG 4: Squarely is determined to contribute to quality education for youngsters. To do so, we collaborate with KEA, AAU, and CBS. SDG 11: Outdoor plants enhance outdoor spaces as well as air quality. Placing plants outdoors and maintaining them contributes to the greening of streets and cities as well as helps communities to become more sociable and connected. SDG 12: Squarely products are developed within the circular economy framework. SDG 17: Creating collaborations is been key for Squarely's success. We have created partnerships that allow the company to have a broader network that contributes to other SDGs.