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With SQUARELY accessories, you can customise your GrowON and GrowWIDE planters to better fit your needs and taste. Shop GrowON + HoldON or GrowWIDE + HoldON combinations and hang your planters on the balcony, or choose GrowOn + StandOn legs to give an extra elegant touch to your environment. 

StandOn legs

249,00 kr

StandWIDE Natural Ash

349,00 kr

StandWIDE Dark Oak

399,00 kr

StandWIDE Black Ash

349,00 kr

HoldON Leather

219,00 kr

HoldON Fabric

139,00 kr

Replaceable Plant Box + Capillary Mat

59,00 kr

Capillary Mat Set

59,00 kr

Capillary Mat Set for GrowWIDE

79,00 kr