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Now you can create a cosy feeling in your garden with high-end planters and lot's of greenery thanks to our modular products that you can combine together as you wish.

GrowBIG Dark Oak

1.999,00 kr

GrowBIG Black Ash

1.799,00 kr

GrowBIG Natural Ash

1.699,00 kr1.799,00 kr

GrowWIDE Black Ash + HoldON

1.449,00 kr

GrowWIDE DarkOak + HoldON

1.449,00 kr

GrowWIDE Natural Ash + HoldON

1.499,00 kr

GrowWIDE Dark Oak

1.399,00 kr

GrowWIDE Black Ash

1.349,00 kr

GrowWIDE Natural Ash

1.199,00 kr