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Create green oasis on your balcony with hard-woods. Make your plants thrive with SQUARELY self-watering. 

GrowON + HoldON is the perfect solution for small balconies, allowing you to save space by hanging your planters on the railing

GrowWIDE + HoldON is for those with the bigger space that would like more plants 

GrowBig will fit large balconies and terraces


GrowON Dark Oak + HoldON

899,00 kr

GrowWIDE DarkOak + HoldON

1.449,00 kr

GrowBIG Dark Oak

1.999,00 kr

GrowON Black Ash + HoldON

849,00 kr

GrowWIDE Black Ash + HoldON

1.449,00 kr

GrowWIDE Black Ash

1.349,00 kr

GrowON Natural Ash + HoldON

849,00 kr

GrowWIDE Natural Ash + HoldON

1.449,00 kr

GrowON Natural Ash + StandON

849,00 kr