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GrowON smart-planter combines modular Danish Design with our smart-watering system to give you healthy, fresh plants in a stylish high-quality hardwood and distinctive, modern form. 

GrowON will take good care of your plants, both inside and outside. It comes with 3Ll water container that reduces the watering frequency by x3 times!

GrowON comes in a variety of colours and allows for personalisation with different accessories, HoldON straps for hanging on the balcony or StandON legs for an elegant touch. Made of high-quality, up-cycled, and production excess materials, it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. All GrowON products are assembled by hand in Denmark. Free shipping available.


GrowON Dark Oak + HoldON

899,00 kr

GrowON Black Ash + HoldON

849,00 kr

Plant Set: GrowON + StandON Dark Oak

1.099,00 kr


749,00 kr

Balcony Small Design Set

1.399,00 kr1.599,00 kr

Double Design Set: GrowON + StandON

1.399,00 kr1.798,00 kr

Gift Set: 2x GrowON + 2x StandON

1.449,00 kr1.598,00 kr

Balcony Copenhagen Black Design Set

1.199,00 kr1.749,00 kr
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