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    Livistona Rotendifolia

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      • Plant: Livistona Rotendifolia
      • Pot size: 14cm
      • Plant height: 45cm (including pot)
      • Matching size: GrowON, GrowWIDE
      • Light Condition: Partial shade
      • Location: Indoor
      • Difficulty: Easy 
      • Toxicity: May contain toxic substances for humans or animals. Keep out of the children and pets reach

      "The Livistona is a special plant! It not only looks very nice, but it is also very healthy for you. It is not without reason that it was named 'Office plant of the year' a few years ago. Commissioned by the Flower Council of Holland Plants were tested in a laboratory in 2012. It was investigated to what extent the plants remove chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air. A jury of experts then determined a top 3: the Calathea, Ficus Ginseng, and Livistona (all three in the Decorum range! Chairman of the jury, Prof. Bert van Duijn of Fytagoras Plant Science: “The laboratory research shows that the Livistona is a very good air purifier and has a positive influence on the humidity in the interior. role in combating the so-called Sick Building Syndrome so that various health complaints such as eye irritation, headaches, and fatigue at home and in the office are reduced. ”
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      The wood is FSC certified oak or ash with origins in EU. Furthermore, the wood is soaked in oil that makes it weather resistant and will keep the colour without additional treatment for 5 years.
      + REVIEW
      "Effortlessly grow a plant! Bought one end of last year, put a plant in and it just keeps on growing ever since (not normal when I own a plant). I frequently forgot to water and there was still enough in the water container. Perfect for a guy who knows nothing about plants."

      - Birger Jacobs