GrowOn + StandOn

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Sustainable, self-watering planter
Dimensions: 22-22-24 cm plant box,  27-37- 2,5 cm legs
Wood: Oiled FSC certified oak/ ash
Warranty: 2 years
Made in Denmark, 

GrowON combines Danish Design with smart-watering and brings you greenery in high-quality wood and distinctive, modern form. 

GrowON will take good care of your plants, both inside and outside. It comes with 3l water container that reduces the watering frequency by 3 times . 

The GrowON with its oiled, natural wood and fresh, thriving and herbs plants will give the feeling of an urban garden to your space.

With StandOn legs you can raise the GrowOn box, allows the installation on two heights. Just flip the StandONaround, to have the height that fit your taste and need. 

- soaked in oiled FSC certified oak/ ash, origins EU
- weather resistant will keep the color without additional treatment for 5 years
3l up-cycled PE container for water with a capillary system to transport the water from the container to the soil, 
Plant container:
3l up-cycled plastic PE container, from candy, safe for growing eatable plants,