GrowDouble Grey Ash

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  • Model: SQUARELY GrowDouble
  • Color: Grey Ash
  • Dimensions: 44x22x24 cm
  • Wood Type: FSC certified Ash
  • Treatment: Oiled wood, weather resistant up to 5 years without additional treatment, frostproof
  • Warranty: 2 years, 10 years guaranteed lifetime
  • Self-watering: 2 x 3L water containers
  • Made in Denmark, with up-cycled materials from EU

GrowDouble is the middle range model of the SQUARELY design planters family. Exploiting the modularity offered by the GrowOn model, this planter features two independent 3L water tanks with self-watering system. This allows you to grow two different plants in the same planter while reducing the watering frequency by 3 times.

Combining modern, and distinctive design with danish woodcrafting tradition, GrowDouble provides the ultimate solution for growing indoor and outdoor greenery, edible plants, and flowers. The simple, self-watering system is ideal for people on the go and with limited time for watering: goodbye dead plants after travel!

By using GrowDouble, you contribute to re-using materials and promote a sustainable lifestyle. The water tank and soil container are made of high-quality plastic for food storage (used candy containers), we just give them a new life, without useless additional processing. The wood comes from excess in high-end furniture production, meaning no more trees were cut.

The Grey Ash colour fits any environment, giving a minimalistic touch to modern and more classic interiors and outdoor spaces.