SQUARELY for companies

Make your hotel, restaurant, office greener with SQUARELY

Would you like your company to stand out with a unique atmosphere: plants and natural wood that highlights your care about the environment. The green image of your company  will be appreciated by your employees and customers. 

We can help you by creating a solution for your office, restaurant, cafe, hotel or a shop that will make the space truly unique, and inspire the others to conscience sourcing

Green office space

Do you lack a green in your office? People forget how important a natural source and a touch of green is and how it can make you a healthier, happier individual. 

The Squarely planter will inspire you, your co-workers, partners, and customers at meetings or in your everyday to enter conversations about your CSR profile and your sustainable initiatives; while breathing in a healthier air.

How we can do better should be on the agenda at every meeting

Restaurants & Cafe's

Squarely planters will give your restaurant a touch of green wrapped in a minimalistic design. Easy to place, easy to maintain.

It will inspire you and your customers to think about sustainable initiatives in everyday life. It is a great way to show that you care about your product, the way it is produced, and the waste that you recycle.

Combination of Danish design with self-watering

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Green courtyard

SQUARELY will help you to arrange an outstanding with Danish Design and plants outdoor space.  Moreover it will be easy to maintain and flexible in use. 


Feel green when you travel.  A room without green is like a house without a garden. With Squarely planters you will have a nice, simple touch of green in your hotel rooms.

Your guests will be able to enjoy the green atmosphere packed in a minimalistic design. It will give your guests the sense of an exquisite, naturalistic atmosphere and inspire them to think eco-consciously.


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