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Men and plants

durch A sz auf March 18, 2019

Who doesn't want the man of their dreams and the apartment of their dreams!? In 2019, you can have both. This year, men are more likely to be interested in growing plants at home. In fact, studies show that men think having plants around the house cultivates a healthy, cozy environment. They tend to prefer low-maintenance plants (don't we all!) that require minimal watering and fuss. Where do guys like to buy their plants and get inspiration for new greenery, you may ask? Well, they're likely to go to the local garden or floral store, or even see see a cool new plant at a friend's house. Most men are in favor of putting plants in the living room, because they think there's already too much going on in the bedroom. Now if they could just remember to pick up some flowers for you while they're at it!