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    SQUARELY Design Sets allow you to easily create your own urban jungle, no matter how big or small your space. With mix and match sets, you can instantly personalise your space.

    Featuring our smart self-watering system, stay in town or leave on an adventure, with our self-watering planters, your plants will thrive outdoors, even in the hottest and longer summer days, so you can enjoy your holidays without worrying about them.

    SQUARELY Design Sets

    Balcony Small Design Set

    1.399,00 kr1.599,00 kr

    Double Design Set: GrowON + StandON

    1.399,00 kr1.798,00 kr

    Gift Set: 2x GrowON + 2x StandON

    1.449,00 kr1.598,00 kr

    Terrace Small Design Set

    2.099,00 kr2.648,00 kr

    Terrace Big Design Set

    2.999,00 kr3.598,00 kr

    Plant set: GrowON

    929,00 kr1.049,00 kr

    Plant set: GrowON Natural Ash

    799,00 kr998,00 kr

    Plant Set: GrowON

    929,00 kr1.049,00 kr

    Plant Set: GrowON

    849,00 kr998,00 kr
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