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With a size to suit every space, discover our range of products today.  

GrowON: perfect for smaller spaces and balconies 
GrowWIDE: for more plants in one container  
GrowBIG: ideal for terraces and gardens 
HoldON: accessory balcony and wall hangs 
StandON: accessory legs for an elegant finish 


GrowON Black Ash

749,00 kr

GrowON Natural Ash

749,00 kr

GrowON Dark Oak

849,00 kr

GrowWIDE Natural Ash

1.199,00 kr

GrowWIDE Dark Oak

1.399,00 kr

GrowWIDE Black Ash

1.349,00 kr

GrowWIDE Dark Oak + StandWIDE

1.489,00 kr

GrowWIDE Natural Ash + StandWIDE

1.489,00 kr

GrowWIDE Black Ash + StandWIDE

1.449,00 kr